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Industry Solutions
  DYZV Special Bearing For Metallurgical Equipments
The company always persists in making independent innovation, promoting the conversion of high-tech technological achievements actively, and expanding the application areas of innovative and high-tech technological achievements constantly.
  DYZV Special Bearing For Petroleum Mechanical Equipments
In petroleum machinery supporting industry, DYZV, startsfrom product design, organizes expert team to design and optimize bearingstructure etc with the premises of considering the problems of harsh operationconditions and heavy operation loads etc of both.
  DYZV-branded bearing for being used in heavy machinery
The special bearing which supports heavymachinery is characterized with optimum structure, impact and vibrationresistance, high speed limit and long service life. Ring and roller are made ofvacuum degassed steel which impact toughness is greatly increased.
  DYZV Special Bearing Used For Cement Mechanical Equipments
DYZV develops bearings for being used in cement rollerpress and vertical mill etc for various major cement design institutes andcement producing enterprises, by taking advantage of which that importedbearings are replaced completely is realized. DYZV-
  Wind Power Supporting Bearing
Professional bearing for MW wind turbines So far, 100 thousand sets of DYZV-Brand wind power bearing rotated for 30 thousand hours without any quality problem.